Mr. and Mrs. York: Married in ASPEN!!

Sheri and David are an amazing couple from Chicago! When Sheri called me on the phone months ago, the first thing she said was," Well, My wedding is going to be in Aspen..." Enough said. Sign me up. I fell in love with her over the phone and when I traveled to Chicago for their engagement session, I really fell hard! Sheri and David are one of those couples who are absolutely, hands down, perfect for each other and I have been looking forward to their wedding all year! When I began my journey to Aspen, I had a layover in the Denver airport and I seem to have a curse with that place! Every time I fly through there, something happens. Flights are canceled, I get stranded or you know, the world ends! On my flight to Aspen, we had to turn around due to high winds and I ended up driving with 4 other comrades on their way to the wedding! I had SO much fun on that car ride and one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend was hearing how much Sheri and David's friend's family loved them as a couple. Literally everyone in that room, adored this couple and you couldn't help but feel the love on that mountain!

Congratulations to Sheri and David on their gorgeous wedding! Thank you SO much for getting married in Aspen, so I could shoot on top of a mountain! It pretty much was the best location ever! Thank you to all of the amazing people who are now great friends and a SPECIAL thank-you to Ajit Singh, who assisted me at this wedding and saved my life when I was late! ;0)