Photogen Inc. launches new website!

Today is a BIG day for us here at Photogen Inc.! For the past 5 months, we've been putting so much time and love into creating a new website for you. My original goal was to have this site done before wedding season hit, in the beginning of May. Well, it's August 2nd and we're finally launching! For those of you who know me, you know that I never miss deadlines. I've learned SO much through this process (I even learned how to code a little bit...a very little bit) and I am SO excited to share everything we've been building for you!

As we've been working, I would mention to people that a new website is coming. Many people responded, "Why? You're site is so good!" Yes, our old site was great, but I knew we could be better. First off, we have switched servers to better serve our clients with faster loading galleries. This was quite the task to transfer all of our information and we simply have THE best clients who were patient with us during the switch! Secondly, we switched platforms! Our new site is WordPress based, which opens up a world of opportunity for us, especially when it comes to integrating social media and utilizing SEO. Lastly, we wanted to involve you more. Our blog has been great in the past and we have THE most loyal and awesome blog readers that continue to come to our blog and see the shoots we've been producing! Now, we are going to take blogging one step further! Not only will you see the latest weddings, engagement sessions and other shoots, but we will also be having three specific features each week. These blogs will feature great wedding style, vendor relations and even a weekly post for photographers! The intention with these blogs is to help educate and inspire our clients and industry!

You will also notice a clean, new look to Photogen Inc! We've lightened things up a bit and I'm absolutely in looooooove with this new look! So, go ahead! Browse around a bit and enjoy all of our portfolios, information, vendor links and the new blog! You just might find yourself on our new site!