PNW Trip: Day 2!

The thing I love about my friendship with Sara and Scott is that there is simply just non-stop-ridiculous-laughter whenever we are all together! And it absolutely never fails that we make some amazing memories together! For a more in-depth-explanation of this, head over to Sara's blog! Our adventures took us down to Oregon, where we all stayed on a house boat one night, on the Columbia River which was super fun!! Our journey continued the next morning in pouring rain, to Cannon Beach. Now, let me preface by saying that I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Cannon Beach and take pictures! I had these grand visions of all the images I would take - and those all went out the window, once we realized just how crappy the weather was. However, that didn't stop us from making one long hard effort to get some images! They might now be as grandiose as I planned, but they are absolutely AMAZING, never the less! 30mph winds and pouring rain can't stop us!!

Despite the weather, this trip was absolutely perfect! in fact, the weather simply added to the fun! We definitely have some new stories to tell..."Remember that time we went to Cannon Beach..."


Here's to great friends and fantastic adventures!