Whooop! It's My Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I am exactly where I want to be. Every year, on my birthday, I wake up, have a little personal reflection and look back at my blog posts from the previous years on this day. This is the day that I evaluate what I've accomplished in the last year and it's also the perfect day to set new goals! I'm a BIG goal person, I believe in writing them down, and sharing your intentions with others (ahem, you lovely blog readers) in order to make them happen!

Myself and my AMAZING team have accomplished SO much in the past year! One of my goals last year was to launch a workshop...we've not only put on one, but TWO amazing ELEVATE events this year! Another one of my goals was to stay in touch more with friends and family! Yes, my life is extremely busy, it's true, but especially this past summer, I've experienced more life with the most amazing people in my life and it's honestly been SO MUCH FUN! Block parties, music festivals, camping trips, climbing mountains, Monday night HH, sailing, biking, pub crawls, ridiculous laugh fests with the best friend...I mean, it has really been SO much fun. I feel like I am getting much better at the whole work-life-balance-thing everyone talks about!

I think the most interesting, and one of the things I'm most proud of at the moment was my first goal on the list last year: Pounding the Pavement. I wrote this:

"Pound the Pavement: I'm always talking about 'taking things to the next level' and everything is perfectly in place! Every time you move up in the world, you start from ground zero again! I'm excited to continue building new relationships and branching out on a national level!"

I have been working my ass off this last year, really trying to connect with the people I want to work with, both on weddings and also on the commercial side of things! It's fitting that I'm currently in NYC right now, in the midst of a solid week of meeting and networking with potential clients. I kind of feel like all of the hustle I've put into the last year is starting to pay off a little bit. The thing about this hustle is that every little, tiny, itty bitty step forward is a GIANT victory. In many ways, this week is defining for me, because I'm officially putting myself out there in a BIG way that will more than likely end with more rejection than I've ever faced in a short amount of time, but I'm also craving that. I want to be pushed in a BIG way, I want to play with the BIG players, and I want to create BIG work and share that with this BIG world. As you all have probably gathered, I'm a bit on the ambitious side and no idea is ever a small one in my brain. I'm all about going big or going home, and that motto has never, ever failed me.

So, as I'm putting together my list of goals for next year, a few things have been checked off, a few things have changed, but many of them are staying the same! I feel in SO many ways that I am just beginning and still have so much to do, and I believe that having focus in these goals is key. In the next year, I want to...

Continue to Pound the Pavement: I want to continue to connect with my dream clients to get my dream projects! There are several wedding coordinators, event designers, florists, venues, art directors, editors and publications that I want to work for. Relationship building takes so much time, but it is 100% necessary.

10 &10 Plan: I have this goal that I think will be amazing! It's going to take me a while to get there, but I want to shoot 10 amazing, jaw dropping, destination weddings per year, along with 10 kick-ass-cool editorial gigs.

Book 1&1: I want to book at least one AMAZING wedding with one of the people on my 'dream list' above and also book an editorial/commercial job as well. I need to officially make one step forward to my 10&10 plan.

Get a Back Massage: Seems simple, but I. NEED. ONE. And a glass of champagne.

Travel: I still want to take that 3-4 week trip.

Boss Lady: I have the BEST team in the entire world. Honestly, you all know who you are and you continually amaze me at the work you produce, but also how supportive you are of making Photogen Inc. a success! It's important for me to continue to create a culture and environment that we can all grow in and ultimately give an amazing product and experience to all of our clients! 

Teach More: ELEVATE is well on it's way to being a staple in our calendar and it's been SO amazing to teach and serve photographers! In addition to the big workshops, LOVEe Consults is one of my all-time-favorite things to do besides shoot! I absolutely LOVE that one-on-one teaching and mentoring, it is so great to see the shift in people's minds and then to see how they apply that and grow - seriously, there is nothing better than changing someone's world.

Remember That I am Only One Person: Everything I do is for you. Everything I do is for my team, clients and industry. Everything I do is to inspire. Sometimes I need to remember that I am only one person, but that I am fabulous.

Continue to Inspire: This is what keeps me going. This is the beauty of what I do. Each and every day, I have the opportunity to inspire others. How amazing is that?


As I sit here, I don't want to get all cheezy on you, but I do want to thank each and every one of you. To my friends, family, crew, and clients, you are all ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I am one girl, with a big dream, but I am also surrounded by THE BEST people, and it is all of you who allow me to do what I love every. single. day. For this, I am forever grateful, so thank you, thank you for supporting me and believing in everything we do!

I am truly #LivingTheDream