Kristina and David: Engaged!

For David and Kristina, Love is all about the little things. In fact, during the booking process, I had the opportunity to get to know David and Kristina, mostly over the phone and e-mail. One of the things I love about this couple, in particular, is the way they communicate. David will always pick up the phone and give a call, and Kristina writes the best e-mails! During a phone conversation, I remember David talking about them as a couple, the engagement and moving onto planning a wedding, and even though this couple is insanely busy with work, they still make sure and make time for each other. David said one thing, that I think is often an overlooked note about love, "It's the little things, you know?"

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A BIG congratulations to David and Kristina on their engagement! Their wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous and I can't WAIT for the big day!