LOVEe Consults: Kelly McShane!

A little over a month ago, I had the great opportunity to mentor the oh-so-awesome Kelly McShane! This girl traveled all the way from Chicago for her LOVEe Consult and she came so excited and ready to learn! Kelly is a photographer who is literally, just starting out and this was the perfect time for her to do a consultation! I've mentored many photographers at this point, lots of whom have been in the industry for years and others who might be making the switch from part-time to full time artist, but it was SO interesting to really go back to the simple basics with a person who is at step one, phase one. Kelly has so much potential as an artist, but it is her pure drive and energy that is going to really launch her into the world of a professional photographer! This girl just makes you want to smile and jump-up-and-down - she gives off an energy that is simply contagious and her clients will without-a-doubt gravitate towards her! One word that was a common theme through out our day together was the word possibility. Kelly is at the stage in her journey that absolutely everything is new, exciting and absolutely everything is possible! To her - there are no limits. Sometimes I feel that the longer we are in the industry, or the longer that this is our 'job', we tend to lose a little bit of that spark that we had in the beginning. We get caught up in the politics and bullshit of life  or maybe we become so technically correct that are images are too comfortable and we are no longer open to the possibilities of the unknown - and we also don't allow ourselves to make mistakes. Some of the most thrilling images are created accidentally, and it is so necessary to put ourselves in a world of the unknown. So, my challenge to you is to try something new, plan a shoot you've been wanting to do for a long time, try a new technique, try reaching out to vendors and potential clients to create possibility for yourself - and enjoy what happens!


We are currently booking LOVEe Consults for the winter! If you are interested, check out the LOVEe Consults website!