Mr. and Mrs. Dolezal

Kelsey and Steve have a story exactly out of a movie. To set the scene, it's summer, at the lake house that is the perfect retreat for everyone. Family and friends have gathered to soak up some sunshine and of course - host a few bbq's along the way. The story goes that Steve somehow made it over to one of these shindigs and caught the eye of his future wife. (Here's the part where you sigh, wipe the tear from your face and fist-pump for love.)

Fast forward to September 24th, 2011. Once again, all of their friends and family are together for their wedding and it was one hell of a party! The entire day was absolutely perfect and a true celebration of families coming together. This wedding was one that I was personally looking forward to very much, simply because of the circumstances in which I met the bride. Kelsey was a big fan of our work here for a really long time and I still remember the phone call when she wanted to book! There was an instant connection between us and that is exactly the love you should feel when you book your photographer for your wedding day (seriously - future brides, take note!) Kelsey and Steve are one of our destination couples and so we got to know each other via e-mail and skype, but really didn't meet face-to-face until the day before their wedding. I love traveling for weddings, because we usually take the time to grab a cocktail with the wedding party, their family and friends, which I think, makes all the difference in the world for us on the big day!  Kelsey and Steve came 'back home' to get married, which was in good ole Des Moines, Iowa!

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Congratulations to Kelsey and Steve on their amazing wedding! Thanks so much for inviting us down to be a part of your day!