Now Booking: FALL LOVEe Consults!


I've been getting MANY e-mails from many photographers asking about booking availability for LOVEe Consults! I thought it might be easiest to address you all at once and spread the love:

Q: I'm interested in booking a LOVEe Consult, what is your availability for this?

A: Since most of my weekends are booked with weddings, LOVEe Consults are booked any day of the work week, Monday - Friday! I am currently taking bookings for this fall and winter, starting September - January!

Q: How much is a LOVEe Consult? Is there a deposit?

A: Consults are $1000 for 8 hours. I require a 50% deposit to hold your date and the balance is due on the day of your consult.

Q: I am not from the Minneapolis area, do you travel for LOVEe Consults?

A: Absolutely! I love to do the consult in your home/office/studio...really, wherever your creative space is! I feel like it is more effective to wrap our minds around your business when we are in your element! I also love to travel, so general travel fees simply apply in addition to the consult fee.

Q: What topics would we cover in a LOVEe Consult?

A: These Consults are an intensive, one-on-one, 8 hour consultation on your entire business! My goal is to leave you with a clear vision of where your business is going and leave you with tools to continually be inspired!

Topics that we cover:

The Artist Intense Critique Goal Setting Marketing Submissions Equipment and Shooting Techniques Inspiration Open Q&A!

Q: Do we shoot during the Consult?

A: We have the opportunity to schedule your consult to exactly your needs. Some clients set up shoots for me to come along on and others set up client meetings for me to sit in on.  I leave this entirely up to you, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time!

Q: I'm READY! How do I book my consult?

A: Simply e-mail me: and we will get you on the calendar!!

Q: Do you have any more information on LOVEe Consults?

A: Absolutely! Download our AWESOME guide here to see all of the in-depth details on what we cover!!

I hope this helps!! I absolutely LOVE doing these!  I feel like I end up learning more than I teach some days. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career, thus far, to really help and give back to those in the industry!