Mr. and Mrs. Austria : The Vietnamese Wedding // Part 1

Lisa and Stephen came to me about a year ago and had only one thing to say about their wedding: It's going to be a long day! Lisa is Vietnamese and Stephen is Filipino, and tradition is extremely important to them! I have been so lucky in 2010 to work with so many different cultures and experience many more wedding ceremonies, outside of the traditional American way. I was up for the challenge and thrilled to be a part of their day! Team Photogen Inc was ready to rock at 6 am on their wedding day, which started at the Nguyen's home. The women all wore custom Aodai and the men wore elaborate Filipino shirts. The Vietnamese ceremony itself consists of the Groom, his groomsmen and family members, traveling to the Bride's home where all of her family awaits his arrival. They come with gifts to present to the Bride's family and ask permission to marry their daughter. Of course, Lisa's parent's accepted and everyone filled into the home where Lisa was presented to Stephen and a beautiful ceremony filled with many kind words and blessings took place! Next, we all traveled back to the Austria's home where another small ceremony took place in their home! There was more advice, more gifts...and more of these secret little shots that each family member took!

This part of the day was so beautiful and rich with culture! A while back, my great friend and fellow photographer, Daniel Chin, challenged me to shoot wider. 2 days before the Austria wedding, my dream lens, the 35mm 1.4 arrived and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding to use it on for the first time! My approach to this part of their day was much more journalistic than usual, and I am in love with the images!

Lisa and Stephen's day continued with an American ceremony later in the day...the images are amazing, so watch out for Part 2 coming tomorrow!