Photogen Inc. Families // The Woods Family

So, for years now, I've always said, "I'm not a family photographer and I don't shoot kids, except...." Truth is, I really do love shooting families, especially for previous wedding clients. It's so fun to continue photographing their lives even after the big day, and to document how they grow, change and evolve into families.During the ELEVATE Workshop, a common theme that we were talking about was the concept of Honest Imagery and truly capturing photos that are both beautiful and real. For me, I've really been getting back to a more documentary style, overall in my work, and it's been so much fun. Moments are also a key word that was mentioned, and after the workshop, I came home and stumbled upon many of the family sessions I have photographed in the last year and I REALLY enjoy them!

When I photograph a family, we simply hang out. Maybe we go on a walk in a park, maybe we play, throw leaves, laugh, cuddle and even come into their homes. I have decided in the past not to show families too much on the blog, because I'm really not marketing towards being a 'family photographer', but I really have a great connection to both these images and the people in them...and I would love to share that with you all!

So, over the next couple weeks, I will be doing a blog series on all of the families of Photogen Inc.! First up on the roster is the Woods family!