Mr. and Mrs. Asztalo // An Arizona Wedding!

This past weekend officially kicked off the 2011 wedding season for the Photogen Inc. Crew and we were SUPER pumped to start things off in Arizona with Lori and David! You might remember these two from last summer when they were announced as the winners of our 2011 Wedding Giveaway! The purpose of the giveaway each year is to give back to one super-deserving couple and David and Lori are genuinely the real deal - they are also a couple who is completely meant to be together.

Lori and David have known each other since they were little kids, yet they only met two years ago. Both of these two are from Romania and their families immigrated to the United States when they were very young. They use to play together as little children, but were separated when their churches split. Both Lori and David went on with their lives and as chance would have it, they both decided to go to the University of Arizona for college. Lori's friends would always talk about a Romanian boy they were friends with, but they never had a chance to meet. Lori eventually went off to Chicago for work, but came back to Arizona for medical school. Two years ago, while filling the role as a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding, Lori walk magically paired up to walk down the isle with David! This mysterious Romanian boy she has been wondering all of her life was right there by her side and that is where he has been ever since! These two truly feel that the powers-that-be have brought them together and they have each found their soul mate!

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Congratulations to Lori and David on your marriage! We had SUCH an amazing day with you and were happy we could be a part of your big day!