Film: Holga Weddings!

I love film. I know, I know, you already know this, but SERIOUSLY - I LOVE FILM!Why do I love it so much? First, it's easy and as much as we think digital photography saves us time, I honestly think it is the other way around. Secondly, it's authentic and real. Nothing is photo-shopped or overly post-processed. It just IS. Lastly, the overall feel that a film image has is much different than digital will ever be. It's not better or worse, it is just different and I am in LOVE!Here are some shots from my Holga camera from the Snyder and Tousley weddings! holga10001.jpg holga10002.jpg holga10003.jpg holga10004.jpg holga10005.jpg holga10006.jpg holga10007.jpg holga10008.jpg holga10009.jpg holga10010.jpg holga10011.jpg holga10012.jpg holga10013.jpg holga10014.jpg holga10015.jpg holga10016.jpg holga10017.jpg