Fior + Anurag: An Indian Wedding // Part 2

Weddings are a very, very big deal in the Indian culture, and are filled with many rituals, customs and traditions. The second day of shooting was filled with one intention, to capture the process of the Bridal Mehndi. You might know this as Henna. Mehndi is believed to signify the strength of her marriage as well asthe amount of love that she will receive in her husband's house.

Fior was a real trooper. She began this process at around 7am and wrapped up just before noon...that's 6 hours of sitting perfectly still! (And not to mention the 4 hours or so after that to make sure everything has dried!) This ceremony is a big celebration among all of the family. It took place at the groom's parent's home and not only did the bride get all done up, but it's also customary for all women who are friends and family to get some henna applied as well!

As the day grew on, the celebration continued with a big dinner, long after we had left...all in preparation for the BIG day...

Mehndi is incredibly sacred and I was completely mesmerized by the art of it. One fun fact is that the name of the groom, in this case Anurag, is hidden in the design, can you find it?


By the end of Day 2, I was SO excited for the grand finale...check in tomorrow, you won't be disappointed!