Fior + Anurag: An Indian Wedding // Part 1

I love my job, and you all know that! I'm also part of one of the coolest industries around, and a huge bonus of that is meeting fellow photographers who are both amazing people, as well as artists. I also have a job where my 'colleagues/peers/and comrades' are scattered all around the world! Every year, it's my goal to second shoot with another photographer, at LEAST twice a year. I don't care how good you are, it's SO important to assist others. Even if you learn the littlest tip or trick, it's going to make you a better artist! A few months ago, I was having a conversation with Ajit Singh. Ajit is a photographer, based out of NYC, who has a large Indian clientele. I have mostly American clients, and through our phone call, we both realized we had exactly what the other one wanted. I was looking to expand my portfolio and experience shooting a more rich culture. Ajit was looking for something a little more 'normal' and to expand his portfolio to tap into more American weddings. The light bulb went off and Ajit invited me to photograph a 3 day Indian wedding he had booked! (Don't worry, it's a fair trade, he gets to come to Aspen with me later this year!)

I am so thankful for this week's experience. I honestly learned SO much about myself, the Indian culture and I was pushed in ways I have never been, as an artist, before! I've decided to blog about this wedding in 3 parts, because there is just so much to share!

The lovely couple we would be photographing are Fior and Anurag! Fior is from the Dominican Republic, while Anurag's family hails from India. Not only was their wedding about blending their families, but rather their two cultures as well! Our 3 day adventure started on Saturday with their civil ceremony. This was SUCH a classy affair, that took place at The Vermilion Restaurant, located in the heart of Manhattan! The purpose of this was to legally marry the couple, and to also celebrate Fior's Dominican/American roots! It was an amazing day and by the end, I couldn't even imagine there were still 2 days left!


Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 later this week! Trust me, this wedding keeps getting better and better!