Jenny & Aashish: An Indian Fusion Wedding!

I love culture and especially when it comes to weddings! It's fascinating for me to document a day that is so rich in tradition and Jenny & Aashish  totally tailored their wedding day to made it their own! Their ceremony was a fusion between Christian and Indian beliefs and practices, and to be perfectly honest, it was SO much fun! I mean, SO. MUCH. FUN. I personally love Indian ceremonies, specifically. There's so much color, dancing, bangles, the couple is showered in flowers, and a giant celebration from the entrance to the exit. Jenny and Aashish are a couple who were continually smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves throughout their entire day as well and it was so refreshing to see a couple truly enjoy every single moment of their day!

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Congratulations to Jenny & Aashish! The wedding celebrations are only beginning for these two! They will be having receptions in both New York and India in the coming weeks and we wish you THE best and hope you had as much fun as you did on the official big day!