Calhoun Beach Club

Mr. and Mrs. Gruys // Married!

GruysBlog0001 GruysBlog0002 GruysBlog0003 GruysBlog0004 GruysBlog0005 GruysBlog0006 GruysBlog0007 GruysBlog0008 GruysBlog0009 GruysBlog0010 GruysBlog0011 GruysBlog0012 GruysBlog0013 GruysBlog0014 GruysBlog0015 GruysBlog0016 GruysBlog0017 GruysBlog0018 GruysBlog0019 GruysBlog0020 GruysBlog0021 GruysBlog0022 GruysBlog0023 GruysBlog0024 GruysBlog0025 GruysBlog0026 GruysBlog0027 GruysBlog0028 GruysBlog0029 GruysBlog0030 GruysBlog0031 GruysBlog0032 GruysBlog0033 GruysBlog0034 GruysBlog0035 GruysBlog0036 GruysBlog0037 GruysBlog0038 Congratulations to Jill + Charlie! Here's a list of the amazing crew who were a part of their day:

Ceremony // Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church

Reception // Calhoun Beach Club

Planner // Blush and Whim

Hair + Makeup // Julie Swenson Beauty

Wedding Gown // Posh Bridal Couture

Bridesmaids // Bella Bridesmaids

Floral // Kenda Helal, Marketplace, St Micheal

Video // Capture Studios

Photography // Photogen Inc.

Bailey and Logan // Married!

Bailey and Logan have a love that is inspiring, hands down. I've had the pleasure of getting to know this couple quite well during their engagement session in DC and they quickly became some of my favorite people in life. Their relationship is based on a true, solid friendship, a hell of a lot of fun and also some serious dedication. On their wedding day, getting to know their family and friends more, I formed an even greater understanding of these two, because the people surrounding them were also an amazing, solid group. Bailey and Logan's love was a bit unexpected. When they met, neither of them were really looking for anything. They lived across the country from one another and after initially talking, a spontaneous plane ticket to go on a date changed everything! During their day, you couldn't help but feel the love and know that it was a perfect example of, truly, what everyone is searching for in life. That's a pretty cool thing to witness and makes me one lucky lady to get to document such things for my job! BLBlog0001 BLBlog0002 BLBlog0003 BLBlog0004 BLBlog0005 BLBlog0006 BLBlog0007 BLBlog0008 BLBlog0009 BLBlog0010 BLBlog0011 BLBlog0012 BLBlog0013 BLBlog0014 BLBlog0015 BLBlog0016 BLBlog0017 BLBlog0018 BLBlog0019 BLBlog0020 BLBlog0021 BLBlog0022 BLBlog0023 BLBlog0024 BLBlog0025 BLBlog0026 BLBlog0027 BLBlog0028Congratulations to Bailey and Logan on getting married! I am SO happy for you two and can't wait to hang out more in life!


Mr. and Mrs. Hunt!

Leah and Ricky have known each other for a very long time. The couple were best friends for years, when one day, things changed. Their friendship grew into a lovely relationship and before you know it, Leah and Ricky were tying the knot! One of my favorite moments of the day was with Ricky's parents, who are both deaf. Right before the ceremony, the interpreter tapped me on the shoulder and said that the mother-of-the-groom had a special request. We both went over to his parents and they said,[quote] "We want to take a photo of us giving the 'I Love You' sign in sign language. I want my new daughter to know how much I love her with my son!"[/quote] It was such a touching moment and a simple picture that means more than words for the couple! Leah and Ricky's wedding took place at the beautiful Calhoun Beach Club and had an awesome lineup of vendors for us to work with! The crew at Capture Studios was there to document their day along side us, and Le Petite Fleur wow'd us again with her amazing arrangements. Apres Party Rental put together some awesome tablescapes that transformed the venue into a beautiful reception! Gateaux did a stunning job on the couple's cake to add the perfect touch and wedding planner, DeAnna Foster, produced their beautiful wedding!

Congratulations to Leah and Ricky!


Jenny & Aashish: An Indian Fusion Wedding!

I love culture and especially when it comes to weddings! It's fascinating for me to document a day that is so rich in tradition and Jenny & Aashish  totally tailored their wedding day to made it their own! Their ceremony was a fusion between Christian and Indian beliefs and practices, and to be perfectly honest, it was SO much fun! I mean, SO. MUCH. FUN. I personally love Indian ceremonies, specifically. There's so much color, dancing, bangles, the couple is showered in flowers, and a giant celebration from the entrance to the exit. Jenny and Aashish are a couple who were continually smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves throughout their entire day as well and it was so refreshing to see a couple truly enjoy every single moment of their day!

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Congratulations to Jenny & Aashish! The wedding celebrations are only beginning for these two! They will be having receptions in both New York and India in the coming weeks and we wish you THE best and hope you had as much fun as you did on the official big day!


Mr. and Mrs. Stewart!

At Ashley and Justin's reception, the father-of-the-bride was giving a speech and he said some simple words that completely sum up this couple for me. He said, "You know, Justin, you are exactly everything that Ashley has ever wanted in a man and Ashley, you have found everything you were looking for." Those words might seem like a no-brainer to some, when it comes to getting married, but that is truly what this is all about, and why I photograph weddings. It is such a true pleasure to document the moment that a couple decides to become husband-and-wife. And it is an even more amazing opportunity to be able to capture a time in a couple's life where they have truly found each other. Cheezy, I know, but it's the honest truth! Ashley and Justin have such a passion for one another, but it's clear that their family and friends are their biggest fans. I decided to focus a little more on the portraits for this post, rather than their details, because to me, it was absolutely the people in that room that made their day as beautiful as it was!

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Congratulations to Ashley & Justin on getting hitched!