Lynn and Pete // A Vietnamese Wedding // Part 1

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I love weddings that embrace cultural traditions from around the world. A wedding is a tradition in itself, but when we experience these ceremonies, and how they are carried out differently around the world, there is so much more richness and history that is incorporated in these events! For Lynn and Pete, this meant embracing their family's traditions and having Vietnamese wedding! These are very family oriented ceremonies, which usually take place in the family homes. There is a processional where the groom, his family and friends bear gifts to give to the bride's family. These gifts signify the wealth that the groom's family will bring to the bride's family. As a big group of close family and friends gather in the home, the incense is lit, the gifts are exchange and the bride makes her first appearance to her groom! Lynn chose a gorgeous Ao Dai to wear for her traditional bridal gown and I thought she looked absolutely stunning! During the ceremony, the families are introduced, prayers are read and best-wishes are given by the guests. It's a very celebratory wedding that seems both elaborate and simple, all at the same time. Either way, it is a rich ceremony that was SO cool for us to document. For this wedding, I decided to separate the images into two posts. So, here are the photographs that I loved from part one of Lynn and Peter's wedding - the Vietnamese ceremony! nguyenwed0001 nguyenwed0002 nguyenwed0003 nguyenwed0004 nguyenwed0005 nguyenwed0006 nguyenwed0007 nguyenwed0008 nguyenwed0009 nguyenwed0010 nguyenwed0011 nguyenwed0012 nguyenwed0013 nguyenwed0014 nguyenwed0015 nguyenwed0016 nguyenwed0017 nguyenwed0018 nguyenwed0019 nguyenwed0020 nguyenwed0021Congratulations to Lynn and Pete on a gorgeous ceremony! Part 2, featuring their American wedding will be up next!