Lynn and Pete // The American Wedding // Part 2

The second half of Lynn and Pete's wedding day was a smashing success. Their traditional Vietnamese wedding was followed up by a Catholic ceremony and a full-on American wedding. For the reception, they invited their guests to Windows on Minnesota to enjoy the spectacular views of Minneapolis. This part of the day was so much fun, because once all of the ceremonial obligations were fulfilled, it was time to party. I particularly enjoyed a moment, while riding in the limo, belting out music that might constitute as guilty pleasures for most of us! (You know, the Backstreet Boys, maybe a little N'SYNC, mixed with some Micheal Jackson...). Lynn and Pete's wedding just happen to fall on the night of the Aquatennial in Minneapolis, so there was a fireworks display, which I like to think was especially for them! nguyenwed0022 nguyenwed0023 nguyenwed0024 nguyenwed0025 nguyenwed0026 nguyenwed0027 nguyenwed0028 nguyenwed0029 nguyenwed0030 nguyenwed0031 nguyenwed0032 nguyenwed0033 nguyenwed0034 nguyenwed0035 nguyenwed0036 nguyenwed0037 nguyenwed0038 nguyenwed0039 nguyenwed0040 nguyenwed0041 nguyenwed0042 nguyenwed0043 nguyenwed0044