Meet the Team // Liz: Studio Manager

For the next month or so, I am going to be doing a little blog post on each member of our Photogen Inc. Crew! I have THE most amazing people on my team and I want you all to get a chance to know them more! The thing about running a business is that you can only handle everything yourself for so long, before you need to bring on help. I am a HUGE believer in surrounding myself with the best of the best and creating amazing work for our clients!! My team is absolutely everything to me and they work SO hard and making this dream come true!First up is Liz! As many of you know, Liz is my studio manager...aka...the other side of my brain and my right hand woman! She is also a major force in the company and does SO much behind-the-scenes work to keep this business running! She is also an incredible photographer, make sure to check out her work!
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Q. How did you begin working for Photogen Inc.?

I began working for Photogen Inc through my friend. I met Eliesa very randomly - at an installation at the Soap Factory with Brandon. It's like a weird love story, she must have liked my personality for some reason (Brandon and I inspected most of the photographers there from inches away, like we were taught.) We laughed and chatted - and I blurted out, asking if she needed an intern. That day, my future job was born. I interned for 3 months, did a test edit, and got hired on a few months after my internship was up.

Q. What does it mean to be a Studio Manager?

At Photogen Inc, a studio manager is many, many things. A studio manager not only 'manages' the studio, but also is a personal assistant (ie: doing makeup and hair for Eliesa), a connoisseur of running errands, has the ability to read minds and be 10 steps ahead at all times, edits every wedding, portrait, engagement, and boudoir session - as well as performing magic on commercial work. I am a studio manager extraordinaire.

Q. How has your job changed/help you grow as a photographer?

My job has given me a lot of opportunity as a photographer. Eliesa knows every single person that you really need to know in this industry, which has helped me get my personal photography out there and get amazing feedback from other amazing photographers.

Q. Has your view of the photography industry changed after working for Photogen Inc vs being a student?

I knew this industry was a hard one to survive in - Photogen Inc has shown me the ups and downs that a business goes though. As a student, I of course had zero experience in the photo world. I can't say that now I'm a seasoned veteran, but working for Photogen Inc for the past few years has taught me to be ready for anything and everything.

Q. What is it like being editing and setting up work for both weddings and the commercial world?

It gets stressful. In my position, I get to be editor, assistant, digital tech, and mind reader. Weddings are easiest for me. The commercial world gets a lot more complicated.

Q. What do you love most about working for Photogen Inc?

I love the flexibility and being in a creative environment.

Q. What do you hope to do for the company and our clients in the future?

I hope to keep things organized and flowing smoothly, like I do now. I hope to make the clients happy, even though they probably will never meet me.