Mr. and Mrs. Ward!

Alex and Nick are so much fun. All of their friends are so much fun. And their families - they're a hoot. I remember a few months ago, Nick made the comment, "When all is said and done, I just want to be married and have a big party!"- and that is exactly what happened!We've had quite the weather here in Minnesota the past couple of weeks and the day started off dark, gloomy and pouring rain; however, as soon as we were all traveling to the church for the big event, the sunshine came out and it ended up being an absolutely perfect day for photos! The couple chose the oh-so-gorgeous chapel at the Lakewood Cemeteryto have their ceremony and the day was even complete with a custom theater sign in Uptown - who doesn't love a little shout out to the city on their wedding day?!?!
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Congratulations to Alex and Nick! We had a blast!