Mr. and Mrs. Schack!

Alex and Brian are two of my favorite people. I first met them 3 years ago when I photographed Kristi and Herb’s wedding, who is the bride’s brother! I fell in love with the Tousely family and felt incredibly honored that they invited me back to document their day.

Getting to know Alex and Brian better over the last year has been an absolute joy. I learned two things about this couple that will stick with me. 1) Being persistent pays off. The couple actually met all the way back in the 5th grade and have pretty much been together that entire time. Of course, as we grow up through our teenage and college years, we all learn a lot about ourselves, but Brian and Alex grew to know that they were absolutely meant to be together. 2) Brian has pure adoration for Alex and it makes me SO happy to see the way he looks at her and to see how consistently excited he is to spend time with her. Alex and Brian are an incredibly endearing couple who’s love definitely inspires those around them!

The wedding took place high above the city of Minneapolis at the WINDOWS on Minnesota! It was a gorgeous day and absolutely everyone looked stunning! One of the highlights of the night was during the father-of-the-bride speech! We all learned that the exact day was the bride’s parent’s wedding anniversary of 30+ years! There was plenty of reason to celebrate and one of our favorite live bands, the Dan Ristrom Band, gave an amazing performance for everyone!!

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Congratulations to Alex and Brian! Thank you for welcoming us back to document, yet another, grand occasion for your families!