Mr. and Mrs. Stoa!!

You know, I preach all-day-long about how photographers put too many images in their blog posts many times and that they really need to narrow down their edits to the best-of-the-best. However, when it came to creating this post for Clare and Ryan’s wedding, I found myself stuck at 200 images. 200! Needless to say, I narrowed that down a bit, but this is seriously one of my largest blog posts ever! In the past, with a big post, I’ve also split them into Part 1 and Part 2, but I felt that there needed to be one, fluid post, to tell this couple’s story best! I’ve gotten to know Clare and Ryan pretty well over the past year, and honestly, one of the greatest tools to connect with them has been over Instagram! I LOVE it when my clients use Instagram, because I can connect with them visually and see what inspires them thru their eyes! One thing that was mentioned over and over throughout the day and during the speeches was how amazing Clare’s sense of style is. It is impeccable. I remember the first time I met the bride-to-be and her shoes rocked my world…I knew we were bound to be a perfect fit! Clare’s fabulous taste was seen in every little detail of their day. From the location, to the vendors she chose and even down to the art-installations she made on her own – everything was simply gorgeous!Above all of the beautiful style, Clare and Ryan are a beautiful couple who are both genuinely amazing people! On the day of their wedding, it was hot, then it was cold. It poured rain and then the sun would come out. Even though the weather was incredibly unpredictable, none of that mattered to Clare and Ryan, because this day was really all about the two of them! Everything about this wedding was magical, enjoy!


Venue: The Enchanted Barn

Getting Ready Venue: Stouts Island Lodge

Event Design + Planning: Laura Mullen Event Design

Flowers: Munster Rose

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Congratulations to Clare and Ryan!