Mr. and Mrs. Jensen // Married!

JensenBlog0001 JensenBlog0002 JensenBlog0003 JensenBlog0004 JensenBlog0005 JensenBlog0006 JensenBlog0007 JensenBlog0008 JensenBlog0009 JensenBlog0010 JensenBlog0011 JensenBlog0012 JensenBlog0013 JensenBlog0014 JensenBlog0015 JensenBlog0016 JensenBlog0017 JensenBlog0018 JensenBlog0019 JensenBlog0020 JensenBlog0021 JensenBlog0022 JensenBlog0023 JensenBlog0024 JensenBlog0025 JensenBlog0027 JensenBlog0028 JensenBlog0029 JensenBlog0030 JensenBlog0031 JensenBlog0032 JensenBlog0033 JensenBlog0034 JensenBlog0035 JensenBlog0036 JensenBlog0037 JensenBlog0038 JensenBlog0039 JensenBlog0040 JensenBlog0041 JensenBlog0042 JensenBlog0043 On Andy and Allie's wedding day, I kept hearing people having the same conversation over and over about how absolutely perfect these two are for one another. Frankly, I couldn't agree more! The groom has been a great friend to me over the years and when I first met Allie, all I could think was, "Wow! This girl is PERFECT for Andy!" When they asked me to photograph their wedding, it was a true honor and their day was filled with so much love. Their wedding took place at the Christ Chapel at Gustavus Adolphus College, which really is one of my favorite churches in this state! I am so happy for Andy and Allie and I can't wait to see where life takes these two!