Andy and Allie // Engaged!!

This couple means the world to me. The groom-to-be, Andy, and I grew up together. We rode same bus all through grade school and we lived on the opposite edge of town, which meant that those bus rides allowed for some quality-friendship-building and annoying one another over the years! Without a doubt, Andy is one of my favorite people from childhood and when he first introduced me to his soon-to-be-wife, Allie, I knew she was someone special. I had never seen Andy light up around anyone like he did when he looked at her and she clearly adored my friend, as well. These two are totally perfect for each other. First, they really have the friendship thing down and their relationship is built on a really solid foundation. They are also both band teachers, so that is just adorable in it's own right. I've gotten to know both Andy and Allie over the last two years, as a couple, and they have really grown together, which is really great to see from a friends perspective. For their engagement session, we traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, which is where the two began their relationship while Allie finished up college. We went to many of their favorite spots around the city and even made a special trip to the New Glarus brewery!


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Congratulations to Andy and Allie on their engagement! I'm so happy to get to be a part of this time in your lives!