Mr. and Mrs. Chu!!!

This past weekend was Hope and Matt's amazing wedding! Despite some torrential downpours that morning, the skies cleared and the sun came out - and everything went absolutely perfectly! I must say, the gale-force winds did stick around and I have to give this wedding party props! They trekked the city of St. Paul with me for their photos, despite the wind and I'm so thankful they did, the photos are amazing! This wedding was very much so centered around family and opportunity. Hope and her sister were adopted from Korea as little girls and the amount of love that her parents show for her and Matt is truly remarkable. They gave Hope and her sister so much opportunity for a better life, and Hope and Matt's life is even more enriched by each other! Matt's family is also welcoming of say the least! I remember at a consultation with them before the wedding, Matt referred to his family as "Chinese, Crazy and Incredibly Fun". Both the Ekern's and the Chu's lived up to their fantastic reputations! Here are some of my favorite shots from their day!


Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Chu!