At the current moment, I'm blogging to you all from my hotel in Madrid! I've been in Spain for a week now and I must say, this has been a hands-down-incredible experience! Yesterday was absolutely the most beautiful and picturesque wedding I have ever get ready for an ENORMOUS blog post about it within the next week! The first stop along this trip was to Barcelona! I loved this city! It's a place where bicycles, mopeds and long-boarding are a way of life. The atmosphere is quite chill and it's actually really hard to tell who the locals are vs tourists. Barcelona is almost a mix of many cultures, but most of all I noticed how romantic it was. Not really in the lovey-romantic-sense, but there is a sexiness about the people and culture that is so free that it is liberating. The people here live their lives for their family and friends - they don't live to work, which is a major malfunction in our society.

It's refreshing to see people enjoying the beach during a Siesta...just sayin'...I could get use to that!

Where there is history, there is culture. Where there is culture, there is art. Where there is art, there is passion. Where there is passion, there is romance. Where there is romance...


More photos from Spain to come!