Mr. and Mrs. Eichten!!!

A breath of fresh air. This is exactly how Emily and Eddie's wedding felt for me. This wedding was their wedding. Absolutely every single LITTLE detail was totally them. No bullshit.

I have been looking forward to this wedding all season for two reasons.

First, this couple has an incredible sense of style + design! They are both amazing, talented artists at heart and their wedding reflected simple, yet incredible design that reflected their personalities. Their wedding took place at the uber posh Chambers Hotel and Eddie wore a customized vest by Calpurnia Peach - AH! Everything was just PERFECT!

Secondly, they have a love that is untouchable! I remember during one of our consultations, I was asking Emily about their first look and she mentioned that Eddie had already seen her wedding dress. She said this,"Everyone at the bridal shop thought that I was insane for inviting Eddie along when I went dress shopping. Why is that crazy? He is my best friend! Why would I not want his opinion on the most beautiful dress for the most important day of our lives?"


Another thing - a good wedding always has amazing shoes.

eichtenblg0001.jpg eichtenblg0002.jpg eichtenblg0003.jpg eichtenblg0004.jpg eichtenblg0006.jpg eichtenblg0007.jpg eichtenblg0008.jpg eichtenblg0009.jpg eichtenblg0010.jpg eichtenblg0011.jpg eichtenblg0012.jpg eichtenblg0013.jpg eichtenblg0014.jpg eichtenblg0015.jpg eichtenblg0016.jpg eichtenblg0017.jpg eichtenblg0018.jpg eichtenblg0019.jpg eichtenblg0020.jpg eichtenblg0021.jpg eichtenblg0022.jpg eichtenblg0023.jpg eichtenblg0024.jpg eichtenblg0025.jpg eichtenblg0026.jpg eichtenblg0027.jpg eichtenblg0028.jpg eichtenblg0029.jpg eichtenblg0030.jpg eichtenblg0031.jpg eichtenblg0032.jpg

Congratulations to Emily and Eddie! Thank you so much for allowing us to photograph your big day and close out 2009 with a BANG!

(Yes, that is right! We are DONE with weddings for 2009 - what an INCREDIBLE season!!!)