Check this out - I'm officially FANCY! I absolutely LOVE seeing people begin new endeavors - and especially when I know they are going to be absolutely PERFECT for it!

Jessica is one of my brides from this past season and after her wedding, she launched a lovely new blog called 'Live The Fancy Life'.  Her blog features SO many awesome tips, tricks, interviews and hidden secrets about fancy things in the Twin Cities! And more importantly, Jessica is the QUEEN of finding hidden deals in this city and she is now sharing all of her fancy-little-secrets with all of her readers!

I think this blog is destine for GREATNESS!

I am flattered and very excited to be featured as a 'FANCY FEATURE'!!!

Check out Part I of my interview here!!

(Part II will be coming later this week!)


Make sure to check out Live The Fancy Life  often for more fabulous tips on how to be FANCY!