Mr. and Mrs. Harb!

There are certain images that get me SUPER pumped up on a wedding day. As I'm going thru and editing Amer and Rita's amazing Lebanese wedding tonight, there is so much that I can share with you! They had a ton of culture, a beautiful ceremony and one insane dance party...but as I am editing, I am continually drawn to and inspired by the portraits from their day! Amer and Rita's wedding was a true family affair! Their brother and sister were there 'best' and all of the nephews, nieces and cousins rounded out the rest of the wedding party! Photos are suppose to be fun on a wedding day and I think the portrait part of the day should reflect a sense of art, personality and intensity of all that is going on around us on this very important day!

So, without further adieu, I've decided to share with you the images that I keep coming back to...and keep on being inspired by!

Congratulations to Rita and Amer on their gorgeous wedding!