Mr. and Mrs. HOOTS!!!

This weekend was phenomenal! It marked the wedding of Amy and Eric, who were the winners of the 2009 Photogen Inc Wedding Giveaway - and I have been waiting for this weekend for almost a year, because I knew it would just be FABULOUS! My friend, Jeffrey of JNP Studios flew out to second shoot with me for the big event as well, which was SUPER fun! When it came to choosing the top 3 couples for the public to vote on, I wanted the giveaway to go to a couple who really deserved it. A couple who has drive, passion and a genuine goodness about them! I honestly could not have imagined a better couple than Amy and 'Hoots'.

Both Amy and Hoots are EXTREMELY competitive people, but they also have a HUGE passion for their work, life and their relationship! Hoots is the Video Coordinator for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and let me tell you - there could not be a more perfect job for this man! It has been an AMAZING year for him as well - between getting married and winning the 2009 NCAA Championships - I would say this is one SLAM DUNK!

All stats and trophy's set aside, Amy and Hoots are an incredibly generous, genuine and sweet couple who care just as much about their family and friends as they do each other. It was a true pleasure to hang out with everyone this weekend and to photograph their amazing day!

The wedding took place in the beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina and every detail was personalized and perfectly planned by Amy!

Ceremony: University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill Reception: The Carolina Club Dress: David's Bridal Bridesmaid Dresses: Melissa Sweet Groom + Groomsmen: Jos A. Banks Hotel: The Franklin Flowers: Fresh Affairs Cupcakes: Cake Walk

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A HUGE congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Hoots!

Born a Tar Heel, Bred a Tar Heel, WED A TAR HEEL!