Mr. and Mrs. Rydberg!!

Sarah and Jon are a couple we should all admire. They have an incredibly self-less love that is so pure, you just can't help but adore these two! Jon is a World-Class Professional tennis fact, in 2007, he was the TOP RANKED wheelchair tennis player in the U.S.! Yeah, he's a bit of a rockstar!! Besides all of the glamour, I noticed above all, that Sarah and Jon are very compassionate people. Sarah's profession is fitting prosthetic limbs for people and Jon continues to coach during his off-time playing. They are a couple who, together, have made such an impact and literally have changed people's lives. How many of us can say that? They are also a couple who are very go-getting of their dreams and I admire this the most!!

Congratulations to Sarah and Jon on their amazing wedding and the start of their brand-new life together!