Tara and Jorge: Married in Spain // Part 2

Let me start this post by saying this...I don't think I have ever worked harder while shooting a wedding as I did for Tara and Jorge's big day! Not because I felt like I needed to or prove anything to anyone, but simply because absolutely everywhere I looked, there was something even more beautiful to photograph! My mind was literally a whirlwind and it was awesome! Matt from Capture Studios came along to film the wedding and we had about a 14 hour shooting day...and every bit of it was absolutely amazing! Weddings are not-that-big-of-a-deal in this region. Normally, it is a very small and intimate time with close family and friends, so Tara and Jorge's day was a straight up Affair! Their ceremony took place in a little village, just outside of Santiago, where Jorge grew up and the reception was inside the oldest hotel in the world. Yes...you heard me...THE OLDEST HOTEL IN THE WORLD! It's called the Parador de Santiago de Compostela and it was originally a hospital for all of the pilgrims who had made their journey to Santiago. It was founded in the 1499 by the infamous Isabella and Ferdinand...you know, the couple who funded Christopher Columbus on his journey to America, yeah, them! It was turned into a hotel in the 1920's and sits right at the foot of the Cathedral.

As we walked through the streets of Santiago, the people cheered, pointed and applauded the couple. Tara and Jorge were kind-of-a-big-deal on their big day, and I would have it no other way! In fact, at one point, a local asked us, "Is this a real wedding or for a magazine?" The couple was even considered straight up royalty! At the head table, during their reception, there was a gold table piece that is only brought out for the King and Queen. Tara managed to score it for her wedding...classic!

Above all the extravagance of their day, the ideas were so simple. This amazing couple, who came from two very different worlds, were joining together - and also joining together their families, friends and culture. Their wedding was a truly classic affair that I will never forget!

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Congratulations to Tara and Jorge on such an amazing wedding and for being such a great couple for our 2010 Wedding Giveaway! It was a dream come true for everyone involved!


P.s..and I think, for the record, this makes me World-Wide-International...right!?!?!