Mr. and Mrs. Thorson!!!

12 years. That is how long Jessie and Dave have been together! They are high school sweethearts and truly an incredibly solid couple - and not to mention SO adorable together!!! I loved everything about their wedding. From their old church, to the smokin' bridal party to the BEST food I have ever indulged at during a wedding - it was all amazing!

What brought Jessie and Dave's day together was the sense of history with this couple. All of their family and friends have known them always as a duo and the stories and comments throughout the night were as heartfelt as they get! I heard more people say that they 'Look up to their relationship' and that is something to be very, very proud of!

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Congratulations for Jessie and Dave - you-two-and-your-adorable-little-family-are-the-best!