Mr. and Mrs. Payne // A Northeast Minneapolis Wedding

Minneapolis is a pretty amazing city. In fact, if you live here, you're bound to have some MPLS pride and if you visit here, you know you've just experienced a hidden-gem-of-a-city. When I first met Lindsay and Elliott, I knew they were totally 'my people', because they literally hung out at all of my favorite local joints. They also reside in Northeast Minneapolis, which is where our studio is and, in my humble opinion, one of the best neighborhoods in town. The vibe in NE is unlike any other place in the city. It's a little working class, a little hipster, filled with artists and there is a church and a bar on every corner. Lindsay and Elliott's wedding took place from start-to-finish in the NE area and I was SO SO SO excited to shoot a wedding in an area of town where I feel such a personal connection to! I love everything about the way that L & El (cute nicknames, huh?) planned their wedding. The ceremony took place in their friend's backyard - just a few doors down from where the couple lives, too! An intimate group of 30 guests watched the couple get hitched over beers and we headed to a little park just a couple blocks from the couple's home for their portrait session! For the dinner, Lindsay and Elliott treated their wedding guests to a 4 course dinner at the Modern Cafe, one of Minneapolis's best restaurants. There was nothing by family, friends, amazing drinks and food, laughs and great conversation - literally, the essence to life! To wrap the evening up, we all went to the Varsity Theater to continue the party, where more of the couple's friends met to celebrate!

Our entire day was so relaxed and chill. My goal with this wedding was to tell a more intimate story of the day and to capture special moments of every person who attended! I feel like my documentary switched flipped on during this wedding and I'm a lot a bit in love with these images!



Congratulations to Lindsay and Elliott! It's been a true pleasure to get to know you as a couple and document this day for you!