WEDDING STYLE // The Stoa Wedding

Bride and Groom Wedding PortraitClare and Ryan are some of our clients who tied the knot earlier this season! From the moment I met Clare, I knew she had impeccable style and taste. She had also hired some of the most amazing vendors in the area, so I also knew that their wedding would be nothing short of fabulous! However, the thing I love about Clare and Ryan was their approach to their wedding. Yes, they had hired wonderful people to bring together stunning details, and yes, they 'went all out'; however, if none of that came together in the end, they honestly could have cared less! All that Clare and Ryan cared about in the end was that the two of them got married and shared it with their family and friends who were close to them! I love this mentality and from my perspective, they were SO much fun and easy to photograph, because of their easy-going attitude towards their day. Everything went absolutely perfect for this wedding and it is so so so so so gorgeous! I wanted to get in touch with Clare and see if she had any advice for future brides on how to style their wedding!  

Q. You have incredible style. Hands down. What kind of resources did you use to gather inspiration for your wedding?

A. We gathered inspiration from EVERYWHERE. Design websites, magazines, lifestyle blogs, Pinterest, home decor catalogs, etc.

Q. What were the first steps you took in designing your big day?

A. Once all the excitement of getting engaged settled down, the first question we asked ourselves was, "What do we want the feel of our wedding to be?" We simply wanted our guests to be comfortable.

Q. How did you choose your vendors?

A. After narrowing down the vibe of the day, the Enchanted Barn was an obvious choice. Rustic. Vintage. Chic. Next up, we snagged Photogen Inc. I've been a HUGE fan of Eliesa's work for years. The third vendor we booked was Laura Mullen Event Design. Laura has amazing grace and vision. She pointed us in the right direction with Munster Rose, Bridgemans, Midway Party Rental, and Blooms and Tunes.

Q. Both you and your groom added personal, hand made details for your day. How did these come about?

A. We did! Ryan makes fishing lures in his spare time and he wanted to incorporate those elements into his wardrobe + day. I just love to create. From the chalk cups to the framed guest book to the giant L-O-V-E sign, our friends and family spent tons of hours (and lots of wine) creating the special details.

Wedding Details Triptych

Wedding Groom Triptych

Q. All of your bridesmaids had different dresses. Why did you choose this?

A. I wanted the bridesmaids to feel fabulous. It would have been difficult to find one dress that fit everyone's personality, body type, and budget. Plus, they all have great, unique taste! It was fun to see it come together. When I sent them invitations to the be apart of the bridal party, I included a swatch of five ribbons that encompassed our overarching color scheme and let them do the rest!

Wedding bridal party walking in grass field

Q. What was your philosophy in investing in the details of your day (money wise)? What were the priorities for you?

A. Basically, the order in which we booked our vendors. Everyone says that this day is about "you." We didn't really feel that way. Maybe it's our MN upbringing, but hospitality was important to us, we wanted people to be well fed, thirst quenched, and entertained enough to stay until the doors closed for the night.

It was also super important for us to have AMAZING documentation. Our favorite thing (out of many) about Eliesa and crew at Photogen Inc. is their photojournalistic style and raw talent. They capture the emotion while they shoot, and that's pretty special.

Lastly, I just wanted to show up on the day of the wedding and have an amazing time enjoying my husband, family and friends. The LMED team took care of everything, I did not worry about one thing the entire day! Just pure bliss!

Q. Why did you choose the Enchanted Barn?

A. No doubt that the Enchanted Barn is a gorgeous venue. We loved the details about the site that made it unique. The stone in the milking parlor, the horses in the field, the lit hanging candles during the dance. The owner of the barn, Lorin, has revamped this barn with such and eye for design. Plus, he is SO wonderful. His team really made our day feel special.

Bride and Groom Wedding Ceremony at the Enchanted Barn

Q.  When it came to your actual wedding dress, you had two. Why did you choose this? How did you choose your dresses?

A. I actually found my reception dress first, Ryan has always had a thing for my calves (weird!?) so I knew I wanted to surprise him with a short dress! I was working a job in Santa Monica and walked into a vintage clothing store and found the most amazing piece of clothing ever! I walked out of the store with it that day! I found my ceremony dress when I was living in Colorado at a local bridal shop. It just felt "right." I knew I wanted the dress to feel classic with a rustic twist. I loved the texture of the lace and was sold when I found out it had pockets!!

Q. Aside from your vendors, who did you collaborate with to bring your ideas to life?

A. My mom. I get my "creative vision" from her. And my dad for being the MacGyver of these visions.

Beautiful Wedding Reception under a tent

Q. What advice do you have for brides who are planning a stylish wedding that incorporates so many details?

A. In the grand scheme of things, the details really don't matter. The whole week leading up to the wedding day, I kept telling everyone that even if the Uhaul (yes, Uhaul) died on the side of the road, the day will still be amazing. And it was. Ryan and I have the BEST friends and family and that's what it really boils down to. But, if you are like me and anal retentive, hire Laura Mullen. I literally showed up, said yes, cheers'ed, and danced the night away with my husband and friends.

Wedding  Invitation Details