Bailey and Logan // A Washington D.C. Engagement!

Bailey and Logan are one of those couples who when you meet them, they inspire you. As a couple, they are ambitious, adventurous and madly in love with each other. The two met thru a mutual friend, just as Logan was making the move to Washington D.C. As they were first connecting via phone calls and e-mails, Bailey was bragging about her spontaneous side and Logan made her rise to the challenge by inviting her to have dinner with him that D.C. Just as Bailey thought he was joking, a plane ticket showed up in her inbox and she accepted the challenge. Their first date lasted 48 hours and so for their engagement session, we visited many of the areas around Washington D.C. that had significant meaning to them. I had so much fun getting to know this couple. Their energy and chemistry are totally infectious and you just can't help but laugh and smile when you're around them! baileyblog0001 baileyblog0002 baileyblog0003 baileyblog0004 baileyblog0005 baileyblog0006 baileyblog0007 baileyblog0008 baileyblog0009 baileyblog0010 baileyblog0011 baileyblog0012 baileyblog0013 baileyblog0014 baileyblog0015 baileyblog0016 baileyblog0017 baileyblog0018 baileyblog0019 baileyblog0020 baileyblog0021 baileyblog0022 baileyblog0023 baileyblog0024 baileyblog0025 baileyblog0026 baileyblog0027 baileyblog0028 baileyblog0029 baileyblog0030 baileyblog0031Congratulations to Bailey and Logan on your engagement! We are SO looking forward to being a part of the big day!