Mr. and Mrs. Stolp!

Jordan and Steph are a couple who are incredibly thoughtful. Not only to each other, but also to their family and friends. On their wedding day, the two kept sending one another little cards and gifts, but they also had a very special surprise for one of their friends. Cassie, who was a Matron of Honor and Billy, who was an usher, are about the have their first child - a little girl in which they have named Willow. In an routine doctors appointment a few months ago, Cassie and Billy learned that baby Willow had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome...or basically an underdeveloped left half of her heart. Steph and Jordan have always been incredibly close to their nieces and nephews and so this news inspired them to especially incorporate baby Willow into their day. On both the bride and her matron-of-honor's bouquet, there was a charm of a Willow tree. It was a simple gesture, but one that was incredibly thoughtful to their friends, especially on such a big day. It was meant to celebrate the life to come, which when is there a better time to celebrate new beginnings, other than a wedding? Steph and Jordan's wedding took place in my hometown of Owatonna and we had an absolutely blast with this bunch! There were lots of touching moments throughout the day, and here are just a few!  

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Congratulations to Jordan and Steph on their gorgeous wedding! We are SO happy to have been a part of, yet again, another family event!  To make a donation to Baby Willow's journey, visit the Caring Bridge site here!