Emily and Matt: Engaged!!

Emily and I go way back...back to our hometown, back to the days of being on the swim team together, but we were really never close friends until after we grew up! I think it's always fun to see where people you knew 'way back when' end up, what they decide to do with their lives, but most importantly, who they become. My friend Emily is a whirlwind of a girl. She has a personality unlike any other and I never knew what kind of guy she would end up with. Enter Matt. Matt is the perfect and I mean perfect match for this girl. He gets down with her crazy self and they are total opposites that balance each other out perfectly. Matt is also one hell of a genuine guy who will give you the shirt off his back (or kill spiders in your living room...yes, this happened). He's a helper, a giver and most importantly, he is in love with my friend Emily. There is no doubt in my mind that these two are going to have a lifetime of adventure in front of them - cheers to that!
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Congratulations to Emily and Matt on their engagement...it's official now guys!