Meet the Team // Tom : Second Shooter!

I'm currently at Engage11, which is absolutely amazing and I'll be blogging all about that in the days to come; however, one constant trend that has hit super close to home at this conference is the value of your team. Whether that is simply your significant other, your family or an actual staff, the people that surround you and represent your business MUST be the best of the best! With that said, not only should they work hard and be the best they can be for you, but as leaders, we need to rock it out and give that quality of leadership to all of our 'people'! Last week, we kicked off the "Meet the Team" series with our studio manager, Liz, and this week we are featuring one of our amazing second shooters, Tom!Tom has been with our crew for a couple of seasons now and we are so fortunate to have him! When I first met Tom, he was like a loose cannon in a reception venue - he. was. everywhere!!! He is a photographer who is refining his shooting process, but what I love about him is his extreme passion. If he has an idea, he will go for it, no matter what (unless I say we have to move on), but it is that kind of passion that keeps the energy up when we are shooting for 13 hours - and it is that kind of passion that can really create some amazing images! Tom will go to any lengths to connect with a couple, which is absolutely amazing as well. He's also a sensitive dude that, you know, can relate to dudes on a dude level when emotions get high on their wedding day! We need someone exactly like that on our team! Tom is one. cool. dude.


Q. How long have you worked for Photogen Inc?

I started working for Photogen in August of 2009. I had recently discovered my passion for wedding photography and I was constantly searching for photographers whose style I loved. That's when I found Photogen and I sent an e-mail asking to be a fly on the wall. Little did I know they would love my style and brought me a to be a second photographer! What is your favorite part about being a part of this crew? I love how passionate everyone is about creating the most beautiful images they can. It's our passion, I know that I am always inspired by everyone's drive and creativity. It pushes me to come up with new ways to show the love and celebration present in each client's marriage and wedding day.

Q.What do you bring to the team?

As a perennial rookie/underdog I like to think that I bring a constant excitement to learn and try new things. I'm always trying to think outside of the box with ways to move Photogen forward. Whether this comes through experimental photographs or other crazy ideas. I try to keep everyone's creative juices flowing. Oh yeah, and I'm really hilarious.

Q.How has working for Photogen Inc. shaped you as a photographer?

Um, Photogen Inc. has been my proverbial mother. I've learned so much, it's shaped me more than I can realize. Eliesa is constantly pushing boundaries, coming up with new ideas, so in that way I really take after her. I am grateful for the time I've spent working for this company. I have learned how to always be ready, and anticipate what will happen next. It has also taught me that I love to scout for photographs and develop the concepts for portraits beforehand.

Q. What is your favorite part about shooting a wedding?

I know this might be an oddball thing to say to most photographers, but I'm going to go with the ceremony. I believe that the marriage of two people is the clearest picture we have of God's love this side of heaven. Ceremonies are deeply moving and beautiful to me, every opportunity I have to capture that is a huge blessing.

Q. What else do you love in life, besides photography?

First and foremost is my love and gratitude for God's mercy and redemption. I don't know where I would be without that. A close second is my wonderful girlfriend Valerie, my family, awesome music, and coffee. If you ever want to get to know me, take me to a world-class coffee shop, like Dogwood Coffee at Calhoun Square. I will drop everything to get a cup of coffee and some great conversation with someone. It's my love language, seriously.

Q. What are you most excited about for the 2011 season?

I'm most excited to be a part of couples wedding days. I am so blessed to witness the love of our clients every weekend. I'm excited to make new friends. I'm excited to grow as a photographer, and friend with the rest of this crew. I love this job.