Haley and Taylor // Engaged!

Haley and Taylor are one of those couples who when they stepped into my office, I was instantly in love with them. A little secret (well, ok, not so secret anymore...) about me is that I love country music. Yes, I am Jay Z's number one fan, but there is nothing like rolling down the windows, letting your hair blow in the wind and singing country music! What does this have to do with Haley and Taylor? Well, these two actually met at a country music festival! These things are usually filled with music, beer and partying and the last thing you think is going to happen is to meet the love-of-your-life. However, for Haley and Taylor, they have been together ever since and I am beyond thrilled to be photographing their upcoming wedding! For their engagement session, we went to some hot spots in Minneapolis and wrapped their session with some of the most gorgeous light!

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Congratulations to Haley and Taylor on their engagement!