A Dousman House Wedding // Mr. and Mrs. Kostek!

Brian and Laura are clients of mine who live and work in China, therefore, much of our relationship was built via e-mail and skype until a week before their wedding, when we finally got the opportunity to meet one another for their engagement session. I had already known from the first phone call with Laura that I just adored these two, but getting to know them in person was truly such a pleasure. Their wedding took place in Laura's hometown of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, which is a tiny, historic, town along the river. Since this was technically a destination wedding for us, we traveled down the night before, which allowed us the chance to get to know their friends and family more as well. By the end of the weekend, I felt like we had made some really great friendships - especially with Laura and Brian. During their engagement session, I asked each of them what it was that they loved so much about one another. Laura's answer was pretty awesome. She said, "Brian is so great, because he allows our relationship to be really multifaceted.  He can be with me at a big professional work event and in the same day sit on the couch with me to watch a movie. I appreciate him just being able to be with me, no matter what the day holds." I personally think that these are great words to live by in any relationship, but after being with this couple the entire weekend, Laura was absolutely right. These two support and love each other - and also don't hesitate to have a ton of joking and fun in the meantime!

One of the funnest parts of the wedding was the venue, which took place at the Historic Dousman House. A fun fact about Laura is that during high school, she use to be a tour guide on one of the other historic properties called the Villa Louis. Normally, photographers are not allowed in the house to take photos at all, but we were allowed access to capture a few stunning moments of the couple in this gorgeous space.

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Congratulations to Laura and Brian on a fantastic celebration!