Laura and Brian // Engaged!

Laura and Brian are my clients this year that win the award for living-the-furthest-away. This couple currently lives in China, so all of our correspondence has been via Skype. They are getting married this weekend and despite their busy schedules, we found time to fit in a few beers and an engagement session! Laura and Brian are a totally chill couple who greatly enjoy simply hanging out with one another. It was SO great to meet these two - even if it is only a few days before the BIG day. Forsytheblog0001 Forsytheblog0002 Forsytheblog0003 Forsytheblog0004 Forsytheblog0005 Forsytheblog0006 Forsytheblog0007 Forsytheblog0008 Forsytheblog0009 Forsytheblog0010

Congratulations to Laura and Brian on their engagement! We are SO excited for your wedding this weekend!