Mr. and Mrs. Jaeger!

Jodi and Brandon are awesome. This couple met at a wedding, when Brandon simply offered Jodi his jacket on a cool night. He likes to say, "And that was that, we have been together ever since." The thing I love most about Brandon and Jodi is just how connected they are. Their wedding day was incredibly emotional - and in the best way possible. Tears of joy were flowing from the couple, their friends and family - and Brandon couldn't have been more proud to call Jodi his wife. They literally had THE PERFECT day, in terms of weather, which was inspiring in itself. Everything on their day went off without a hitch and I simply couldn't be happier for these two! A special than you goes out to Sarah Trotter at Lasting Impressions Weddings for their day-of work and to Molly's Flower Studio for the gorgeous florals - and last, but not least, to Cakewalk for the (totally awesome) cakes that night! JaegerBlog0001 JaegerBlog0002 JaegerBlog0003 JaegerBlog0004 JaegerBlog0005 JaegerBlog0006 JaegerBlog0007 JaegerBlog0008 JaegerBlog0009 JaegerBlog0010 JaegerBlog0011 JaegerBlog0012 JaegerBlog0013 JaegerBlog0014 JaegerBlog0015 JaegerBlog0016 JaegerBlog0017 JaegerBlog0018 JaegerBlog0019 JaegerBlog0020 JaegerBlog0021 JaegerBlog0022 JaegerBlog0023 JaegerBlog0024 JaegerBlog0025 JaegerBlog0026 JaegerBlog0027 JaegerBlog0028 JaegerBlog0029 JaegerBlog0030 JaegerBlog0031 JaegerBlog0032 JaegerBlog0033 JaegerBlog0034 JaegerBlog0035 JaegerBlog0036 JaegerBlog0037

Congratulations to Jodi and Brandon on getting married! Cheers to you two and many more to come!