Lauren and Robbie // Engaged!

Every once in a while, a couple calls me to simply photograph their engagements. Lauren and Robbie will be getting married in their home state of Indiana, but wanted a photographer to document their lives here in Minneapolis. These two met while interning for Target after college and started things off with a great friendship. As time went on, their romance blossomed and the two are now getting hitched next year! For their engagement session, we went to some of their favorite places in the city - and caught some absolutely amazing light! LaurenRobbieBlog0001 LaurenRobbieBlog0002 LaurenRobbieBlog0003 LaurenRobbieBlog0004 LaurenRobbieBlog0005 LaurenRobbieBlog0006 LaurenRobbieBlog0007 LaurenRobbieBlog0008 LaurenRobbieBlog0009 LaurenRobbieBlog0010 LaurenRobbieBlog0011 LaurenRobbieBlog0012 LaurenRobbieBlog0013 LaurenRobbieBlog0014 LaurenRobbieBlog0015 LaurenRobbieBlog0016 LaurenRobbieBlog0017

Congratulations to Lauren and Robbie on their engagement! Thanks for letting me be a part of your story!