Sarah and Tim // Married!

Sarah and Tim are a wonderfully playful couple. These two met while attending Georgetown in their quest to become outstanding and distinguished members of society, but what they really found after law school was true love. Even though their professions are quite serious, as a couple they are light-hearted, fun and let me tell you - these two know how to throw a party! One of the things they were most excited for on their wedding day was their band, which came all the way from Atlanta to perform! They are called Jessie's Girls and the crowd was instantly on the dance floor. Earlier in the day, Sarah was telling me about Tim's awesome dance moves and lets just say that lawyers + good music really know how to dance. The overall day was absolutely gorgeous. Sarah and Tim's ceremony took place at Minnehaha Falls and the reception moved to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts where Munster Rose and Twirl Events designed a beautiful space that transformed all of the guests. And can we take a moment to talk about Sarah's dress?!?! It was a gorgeous Lela Rose that the bride found in a magazine and the women at L'atelier Couture were able to bring it in for her! I love that story and the dress was just absolutely stunning. HargadonBlog0001 HargadonBlog0002 HargadonBlog0003 HargadonBlog0004 HargadonBlog0005 HargadonBlog0006 HargadonBlog0007 HargadonBlog0008 HargadonBlog0009 HargadonBlog0010 HargadonBlog0011 HargadonBlog0012 HargadonBlog0013 HargadonBlog0014 HargadonBlog0015 HargadonBlog0016 HargadonBlog0017 HargadonBlog0018 HargadonBlog0019 HargadonBlog0020 HargadonBlog0021 HargadonBlog0022 HargadonBlog0023 HargadonBlog0024 HargadonBlog0025 HargadonBlog0026 HargadonBlog0027 HargadonBlog0028 HargadonBlog0029 HargadonBlog0030 HargadonBlog0031 HargadonBlog0032 HargadonBlog0033 HargadonBlog0034 HargadonBlog0035 HargadonBlog0036 HargadonBlog0037 HargadonBlog0038 HargadonBlog0039 HargadonBlog0040 HargadonBlog0041 HargadonBlog0042

Congratulations to Sarah and Tim on a WONDERFULLY fun wedding! We had a blast!