Hillary and Matt // Expecting!

You may remember Hillary and Matt from being on the blog in the years past for their engagement and wedding photos! I have known these two for years now and they are two of the most grateful people you will ever meet. They are currently expecting the first baby (which I feel is the first of many...) and I was honored to be asked to continue to document this time in their life. I don't normally photograph many families - and I especially haven't photographed a lot of maternity sessions. I wanted to do a little something different and Hillary and Matt were up for anything! We decided upon a sunrise session, and took it to another level by getting in the water. Now, it's getting a little chilly here in Minneapolis, so these two were really good sports to go along with all of my crazy ideas! Overall, it was totally worth it. The sunrise on this particular morning was absolutely stunning and the light was golden. OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0001 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0002 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0003 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0004 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0005 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0006 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0007 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0008 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0009 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0010 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0011 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0012 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0013 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0014 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0015 OeltjenbrunsMaternityBlog0016

Congratulations to Hillary and Matt! Thank you so much for continuing to let me be a part of your life!