Santiago de Compostela // Personal Photos!

I'm currently in the super hot, uber sticky JFK airport...for another few hours before my flight back to MPLS, and I just thought that something had to get better about this place! It did! I found a little organic cafe + free internet....perfecto! With my mind still 'speaking en Espanol', I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to blog to you all about our time in Santiago! Santiago de Compostela is the most magical and enchanting place I have ever been to. It is full of history and is most famous for the final destination of the pilgrimage of St. James. Pilgrims come from all over the world to make the great trek and see this place, which is absolutely worth the journey! It's a place of leisure and where Jesus, just might literally pass you in the street! The scenery is breath-taking and I couldn't believe we were getting the opportunity to photograph in such a gorgeous location!

Matt and Faith of Capture Studios met up with us on this portion of the trip, since Matt offered his services as well for this year's wedding giveaway! It was fantastic to spend time with them and also experience this new place together! We also met our new friend, Leslie, who use to live in Santiago and ended up being our personal tour guide / translator / life-saver! We spent much of our free time exploring the city and scouting out sweet locations for Tara and Jorge's wedding!!

Here are some personal photos I took along the way!


I promise, the next blog post will be of this amazing wedding!! I've already gone through my initial edit and I'm absolutely in love with them...they do deserve a big-screen-edit, instead of my little laptop, so it will be a couple days!

Until then, enjoy Santiago!