Off to Engage!

So, I've been saying for a while now that I have some pretty lofty goals and big dreams! This doesn't only apply to the push on the commercial side, but also the wedding world! This past year, I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Spain and I learned quite a bit about myself. The number one lesson I walked away with was that I thrive in new locations. I am most inspired when I am in a setting that I have never been, when the space oozes a certain atmosphere that you can't get anywhere else in the world, and where the light and culture are so yummy, you just want to eat it up. At my core, I create my best work at locations that I have never been to before. All of these feelings were re-affirmed when I shot in Aspen a couple weeks ago and I know I need to make a shift to shoot at more destination locations.

Now, I know that many of you might be rolling your eyes and saying," Well, duh Eliesa, everyone wants to shoot in sweet locations." But this is different for me. This is not just a hope, this is a need and a desire that has been building in my for some time now and I just KNOW that when it comes to weddings, I need to go big or go home!

Hence, I will be attending Engage 10 next week! Engage is a business summit (aka..fancy word for a workshop) that is taking place at The Breakers resort in Florida. What appeals to me most about this is the fact that it is not JUST photographers or geared towards photography! Everyone from magazine editors to invitation designers will be attending the event, which is kept at an intimate number. I will be building relationships with others who strive for the same vision as I do, along with learning from those who have already done so!

I'm very excited to learn from these people and see if this is a part of the industry where I feel at home. I've been incredibly lucky to have booked clients around the world and I'm ready for more!

And I also have a feeling I might just be the bad ass one of the group...:0)


Here's to big goals and big dreams!