Tara and Jorge: Married in Spain // Part 1

Tara and Jorge are a very special couple for so many reasons! They have all of the element of a classic love story to the T. In fact, while I was photographing their wedding day, I couldn't keep from thinking how it felt like we were living in a movie...the perfect chick-flick, even! Tara is from small-town Iowa and Jorge is from a village in Spain. When Tara was in college, she traveled to Santiago de Compostela to study for a few months. When she arrived back in the states, the time came to graduate and begin filling out job applications and she realized America was not the place for her. She had fallen in love with Santiago, so that was that. She up and moved back to Spain to begin her career as an English teacher...not knowing that she would meet the man of her dreams!

Jorge and Tara met soon after her return and the rest is history for these two. I can't imagine a more romantic place to fall in love. Spain just oozes romance. When it came time to plan her wedding, Tara wanted the perfect marriage of Spanish and American elements. At the top of her list was an American photographer and I just-so-happened to be hosting a little wedding-giveaway-contest! I immediately fell in love with their story and so did the public, who voted Tara and Jorge as the 2010 Wedding Giveaway winners!

I could not imagine a more deserving couple! Tara and Jorge have an incredibly real and strong love and have worked so hard to create a great life for themselves. They are determined, vibrant and passionate about life....exactly what I was looking for!

There are SO many beautiful images from their day and it was so difficult for me to narrow them down to a single blog post, SO...a special treat! This wedding will have a Part 1 and Part 2 feature on the blog!

And now for the moment we have all been waiting for...


So much more to come tomorrow!