Bailey and Logan // Married!

Bailey and Logan have a love that is inspiring, hands down. I've had the pleasure of getting to know this couple quite well during their engagement session in DC and they quickly became some of my favorite people in life. Their relationship is based on a true, solid friendship, a hell of a lot of fun and also some serious dedication. On their wedding day, getting to know their family and friends more, I formed an even greater understanding of these two, because the people surrounding them were also an amazing, solid group. Bailey and Logan's love was a bit unexpected. When they met, neither of them were really looking for anything. They lived across the country from one another and after initially talking, a spontaneous plane ticket to go on a date changed everything! During their day, you couldn't help but feel the love and know that it was a perfect example of, truly, what everyone is searching for in life. That's a pretty cool thing to witness and makes me one lucky lady to get to document such things for my job! BLBlog0001 BLBlog0002 BLBlog0003 BLBlog0004 BLBlog0005 BLBlog0006 BLBlog0007 BLBlog0008 BLBlog0009 BLBlog0010 BLBlog0011 BLBlog0012 BLBlog0013 BLBlog0014 BLBlog0015 BLBlog0016 BLBlog0017 BLBlog0018 BLBlog0019 BLBlog0020 BLBlog0021 BLBlog0022 BLBlog0023 BLBlog0024 BLBlog0025 BLBlog0026 BLBlog0027 BLBlog0028Congratulations to Bailey and Logan on getting married! I am SO happy for you two and can't wait to hang out more in life!